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You need precisely tailored formulations of specialty chemicals for the

glass, paint and plastics processing industry?

We take care of your specific product requirements from production to analysis.


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molsource Kimya offers its own additives for the glass, paint and plastics industry under the name msk. In addition, batches and preparations in different concentrations and delivery forms can be generated individually for a variety of applications.

If required, we will be pleased to manufacture tailor-made products according to your specifications.


We carry out chemical analysis for you according to the latest scientific standards. In a network of private and public research institutions molsource Kimya has access to NMR, IR, UV-VIS, mass spectrometry (MS), XRD and XRF.

Registration with REACH

Today we know more about the chemicals used in Europe than ever before. Over 20,000 substances with a production or import volume of between 1 and 100 tonnes per year have been registered with the European Chemicals Agency ECHA via the REACH system in the last ten years.

Due to the chemicals legislation in the EU REACH molsource Kimya offers its customers at home and abroad services such as contract research, synthesis or procurement of high-purity compounds for analytical purposes and substance approvals.

As a system provider, we are thus able to provide customers with targeted support in complying with legal requirements for REACH or “end-use regulation” such as food contact compliance, automotive, glass and ceramics.

The registration of chemical substances is also becoming increasingly relevant outside Europe. China has now implemented a registration system. Countries such as Taiwan, Korea or Turkey are preparing for the introduction. Especially for the Asian market molsource Kimya GmbH is available as a competent partner for the implementation into the related REACH systems for your substances.

Partner for Turkey

Germany has been one of Turkey’s most important economic partners for decades. But anyone who wants to maintain sustainable trade relations with Turkey must be aware of the cultural differences between the countries. In Turkey in particular, great importance is attached to personal contact and cultivating contacts. To be able to communicate and act successfully, you have to know the negotiation patterns.

Timucin Yüksel is familiar with the intercultural know-how for business contacts with Turkey and knows how to handle rituals. His professional appearance has contributed to numerous contracts in the industry. As a competent consultant molsource Kimya accompanies German and European companies on door-to-door projects.


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